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UC Smiles: Program offers local kids free dental services while introducing them to college life - Insider

BLUE ASH, Ohio It's safe to say most teenagers don't go on a field trip expecting to get a cavity filled. But Aaron Herring, a junior at Hughes STEM High School, was public dentistry awfully good sport about it.

Aaron, 17, was one of several dozen Hughes students who visited University of Cincinnati's Blue Ash College campus Oct. 30 for as program known as UC Smiles.

As part of UC Smiles, second-year students in the dental hygiene program at UC Blue Ash cleaned and polished the students' teeth and looked for signs of decay. Students got dental x-rays, and those who needed fillings were hustled back to Dr. Julie Swayne, a Loveland dentist who volunteered to help out as part of the program.

Aaron said his mom takes him to the dentist twice a year. The last time he went, his dentist warned him he would probably need a filling, Aaron said. He wasn't too worried about the procedure, though.

"They make you feel better," he said.

Aaron Herring, left, listens to UC dental hygiene student Taylor Gierach.

The UC Smiles program started in 2010, the first year Cady Short-Thompson was dean of UC Blue Ash College. Until Short-Thompson launched UC Smiles, dental hygiene students brought their parents, friends or significant others to serve as patients so they could get practice cleaning teeth. Short-Thompson suggested the college reach out to schools whose students might not get regular dental care, and the program was born.

Cady Short-Thompson

This year for the first time, UC Smiles also is offering restorative care for students who need it. That means kids like Aaron can get fillings right on the spot instead of asking their moms or dads to make follow-up appointments with their dentists to deal with problems identified by the dental hygiene students. Earlier in October, dentists on hand did four different extractions because students had such serious decay, Short-Thompson said.

"The biggest thing over the years that we've learned is the hygiene, the cleaning, the care that was done just wasn't enough," she said. "About a third of the students would leave without some pretty significant needs met."

The program doesn't have specific income guidelines for the students that it treats. But UC Blue Ash reaches out to elementary, middle and high schools with a high percentage of students who qualify for free- or reduced-price lunch, Short-Thompson said. The program has treated a total of 1,159 students since it began, she said.

Anthony Cook

"The need is great," said Anthony Cook, CEO of The Dental Care Plus Group, which has been a sponsor of the program from the start. "The rate of absenteeism is very high, and one of the chief issues for that is oral health issues. We think that reaching children at the early ages is a good thing."

To learn more about UC Smiles, click here or go to http://www.ucblueash.edu/about/community/smiles.html.

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BPA Free Mouth Night Guard for Teeth Grinding

I learned from a recent trip to dentists glasgow dentist that I have been grinding my teeth in my sleep. As a result, my gums are receding which is leading to the roots of my teeth getting exposed which causes heat and cold sensitivity beyond damaging my teeth by wearing down the enamel and also causing damage to an existing filling. As a result of this bad news, my dentist recommended that I wear a night guard while I sleep. And. She would be happy to supply me one for roughly $400 dollars.

I remember wearing a mouthpiece from my basketball and football days and I think they were closer to ten dollars, so I figured there must be a dental schools in uk affordable way to protect my teeth while I sleep. It turns out that there is and the process you go through isn't much different than what you went through for the sports mouth guard.

I first did a little research on Amazon for mouth guards and discovered that there is a type specifically designed to protect your teeth while you sleep. There are even low profile night guards that will stay attached to your teeth while you sleep, but stay below your gums. After my research, I headed down to Wallgreens pharmacy to see what they had in stock. I went with a Dentek Custom Comfort Night Guard that came in a two pack and it was on sale for $20, which is $380 less than what my dentist was going to charge me. I'm not sure what the difference is between what the dentist provides and what you get from an over the counter night guard, but I'd try dentist help over the counter night mouth guard before going with one provided by your dentist if the only difference is she fits it to your mouth.

Out of the box, the Night Guard is a mouth shaped U. You boil water and then place the mouth guard in the water for 40 seconds. After 40 seconds, pull it out with a fork, let it cool down for 15 seconds and then place it in your mouth. The plastic will still be warm and malleable. Bite down on the guard and the plastic will from to the shape of your teeth and gums. If the mouth guard is too big, you can trim off the back portions until it fits correctly.

My main concern about wearing a night guard is if it will affect the way I sleep. Ie., will I be able to sleep with a large piece of plastic in my mouth. The first night is a little rough, but as time goes on, you will get used to wearing it. Like many things, it just takes a little getting use to wearing and remembering to put it in your mouth each night.

So now I have a mouth guard that seems to be working well for a lot less. Next time I go to the dentist, I'll ask her if there is any issue with it, but for now, I'm very happy that I took the time to do a little research, fitted my own night guard and saved a bit of money.

After posting this, I've had a few comments about BPA and phthalates free night guards. I don't think the one I purchased is free from these ingredients. So now I'm looking for a new mouth guard that protects my teeth without some ingredients in the plastic.


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Hidden dangers in your dental care products

There are many options we have in taking care and beautifying our smile these days. The claims can be enticing promises of whitening, tartar control, cavity control, germ killing, and more.

Did you know some of the ingredients in your toothpastes, mouthwash and teeth whiteners can actually be more harmful than beneficial?

There are some controversial ingredients lurking in our oral care products that we should use with caution. The floor of the mouth the area below the tongue is very vascular and can act as a quick route of absorption to our bloodstream.

Triclosan is dental care free<

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Affordable Dental Care in Los Angeles.

The USA is renowned around the globe for its high standards of dental care, nowhere more so than in Los Angeles where you don sunglasses indoors not to look pretentious but to protect yourself from the blindingly white smiles of the bleached, beautiful masses. But these standards come at an equally high price, even with dental insurance, and if like me you're one of the 108 million who aren't insured, healthy, pain free, teeth become a luxury rather than a necessity.

If you're unemployed (or eligible for benefits / medi-cal), homeless, or under 18 then The Saban Free Clinic offers both dental and medical services gratis. They have four sites within the city of Los Angeles on Beverly

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Convergent Dental, Inc. Secures $8 Million in Oversubscribed Funding Round

NATICK, Mass.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Convergent Dental, Inc., dental crown privately held dental device and technology company, announced today that it had secured $8 million in an oversubscribed funding round led by Long River Ventures along with individual investors. The latest round of funding allows the company to expand to meet the growing demand for Solea, the worlds first-ever computer-aided CO2 laser to be cleared by the FDA for both hard and soft tissue procedures. Convergent Dental will make strategic investments in product development, sales and marketing and client services in anticipation of rapid growth as dentists use Solea to bring dread-free dentistry to their patients.

Convergent Dental is completely changing what it means to go to the dentist. Research from the American Dental Association shows that nearly one-quarter of all Americans avoid dentists because theyre afraid. Convergent Dental is reversing this trend by eliminating the need for drills and needles in a vast majority of dental procedures. More than 30 years of research from distinguished academic institutions, including the University of California San Francisco, show that Soleas unique 9.3 m wavelength cuts dental enamel without the patient experiencing pain. Solea dentists report that 95% of their procedures are performed without anesthesia. The product eliminates patient anxieties that have prevented proper oral-systemic healthcare.

Convergent Dental is well on its way to changing dentistry as we know it, said Will Cowen, general partner, Long River Ventures. This is a strong leadership team bringing a highly innovative technology to market, with clear benefits to dentists and their patients.

Convergent Dental makes the transition to Solea effortless by delivering innovative technology packaged into an interface that is familiar to practitioners who have used drills their entire career. The foot pedal and hand piece resemble those of dentist tooth traditional drill, enabling dentists to become proficient with Solea after only one day of training. A simple touchscreen and sophisticated computer controls allow Solea users to easily select the type of tissue that is being worked on i.e. soft tissue, dentin or enamel so the system can optimize the beam for speed, precision and patient comfort.

Soleas immediate impact on the dental industry and patient experience is proof that the world is ready for a pain-free dental laser, said Convergent Dental CEO Michael Cataldo. This round of funding will focus on strategic growth to execute Convergent Dentals mission to vastly improve the patient dental experience. Without fear of the dentist, millions of people are more likely to receive the oral care they need to lead healthy lives.

About Convergent Dental, Inc.

Convergent Dental, Inc., is a privately managed dental equipment and technology company and developer of Solea, the worlds first computer-aided, CO2 laser system to ever be cleared by the FDA for both hard dentist procedures soft tissue indications. Solea cuts significantly quieter, finer and faster than any other laser-based system in dentistry. Soleas speed and precision is a result of patented technologies and computer system controls that are unique to Convergent Dental, Inc. For more information visit www.convergentdental.com.


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Medicine :: Cold Sore Treatment (Page 1 of 2)

A cold sore is the common name for orolabial herpes. An ugly term for what sufferers find to be an ugly and unsightly blemish that generally occurs on or near the lips. Before you can treat a cold sore, its important to know exactly what a cold sore is, and what types of treatments there are out there. Knowledge is power, and uk dentist power to get rid of a cold sore quickly is based in knowing as much as possible about the sore. Once this knowledge is laid out, the treatment that works best for you and for most sufferers is easily found.

Cold sores are an infection that sprout up from time to time whenever the herpes simplex virus contacts an abrasion of the mouth. Basically a cut or abrasion in the mouth interacts with a virus in the blood stream maxillofacial surgery uk manifests itself in the form of a cold sore. Cold sores can be quite painful and unsightly. The first time you get one it can be an unwanted and painful surprise. My child came home from school with a cold sore and it was particularly disturbing to know that he was in pain. Naturally I wanted to find the best most effective treatment for him to use.

Usually cold sores will go away on their own in two weeks or so. Treatments range from applying topical creams to doing nothing. Many people swear by using salves such as petroleum jelly or other lip balms in an effort to both relieve pain and keep the sore area moist, hoping that this will decrease the time of occurrence. In general, these solutions do little to counteract the time of the outbreak and server more to relieve pain that is caused by cracking and splitting as the sufferer articulate and moves their mouths. If you think about it, it makes sense. Adding petroleum jelly to the outside or surface of a cold sore would do little to actually heal or clear up the sore. Petroleum jelly is nothing more than cream that is a mixture of hydrocarbons; more of a protectant than a cure-all. It would be more useful as a skin to protect jelly, like paraffin, rather than as a cure for cold sores. It is applied on top of the cold sore and has no true curative properties.

Knowing this provides us the knowledge of what not to use but not what we should use to stop or shorten the duration of the cold sore outbreak. The first clue in finding a solution to this problem came from learning that the herpes virus and oxygen dont like to mix. Actually, saying dont like to mix is an understatement, they hate one another. Therefore it is possible to use oxygen and nutrients that help to create a greater degree of oxygen in the body to fight and help cure cold sore outbreaks. Lets face it, your body has natural defenses that fight the outbreak even if the sufferer does nothing. Like I said earlier, the cold sore, on its own will go away after two weeks or so. This implies that your body is doing something on its own to help cure the problem. Finding a way to help your body, to bolster its immunity and ability to fight the infection would be a boon.

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